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Nokia devices and enterprise mobile management across industries


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Public safety

public sector
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Empower and connect your workforce

With years of software upgrades and monthly security updates Nokia's Android Enterprise Recommended devices remain dependable long after they're taken in to use. Our EMM, HMD Enable Pro can be used to set work modes and deploy apps to managed devices, so you can be certain that your teams have all the tools they need for their specific tasks.


No matter where your fleet is heading, keep their devices connected and secure.

HMD Enable Pro is our very own EMM based on the latest Android capabilities, allowing you to remotely manage your enterprise devices with specific device modes and the ability to remotely push device policies and also your company own apps. For IoT use cases, IoT Connectivity lets you manage your data roaming SIM card connections in over 180 countries and 600 networks.


Collect, share, and access data securely and efficiently.

Our unyielding commitment to security means that your patient data is in the safest hands. For loT use cases, our ioXt certified devices and IoT Connectivity - our proprietary IT SIM connectivity solution - offer all the functionality you need. Enable Kiosk mode and remotely manage your customer-facing devices in lobbies and waiting rooms with HMD Enable Pro.


Big changes are happening in the energy sector

Enterprise mobility is a key factor in driving transformation. Ensure the secure and efficient exchange of data at any point of the supply chain with Android Enterprise Recommended devices and the powerful, simple-to-use services you need to keep them connected and managed.


The long-lasting battery power needed for the demands of the shop floor

Our range of devices feature the long-lasting battery power needed for the demands of the shop floor. With monthly security updates, you can trust that payments are handled safely and securely. Remotely manage your devices with HMD Enable Pro, push custom apps and enable modes like Kiosk mode to limit your devices' functionality to what is needed on your storefront.

IoXt certified

IoXt Alliance

HMD Global is proud to be part of the IoXt Alliance, with selected Nokia smartphones now included into the IoXt certified list. This certification validates that we are building devices that strengthen the ecosystem and prioritize security and align to these pledges.