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Per Ekman

Chief Commercial Officer and Vice President, Europe and APAC


Per has worked with Saab, Nokia and Microsoft for over 20 years, in Head of Finance roles in Nokia APAC and most recently Head of Sales Operations with Microsoft, looking after sales optimization and channel strategy across Europe. In addition, he also looked after the commercial relationship for key Pan-European distributors and retailers during this time. He relishes a role where he can fully bring together his different skill sets of finance, sales & marketing, corporate strategy, and operations to lead and compete successfully.

He believes open communication, trust and building strong partnerships are critical for success in our fast-paced industry. He also believes it is imperative to have a curious and open mind in everything you do to not get yourself and the company caught in areas where status quo and complacency start to thrive.

When he isn’t working, Per can be found spending most of his time with his family and friends, as well as exercising, where running, swimming and an occasional round of golf are the top picks for him.