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HMD Mobile Service Terms

Effective date: 28 April 2021

These HMD Mobile Service Terms together with the Privacy Policy and all other additional terms and information that may be provided within the Service govern your use of the Service, site, content and software. By registering for or using the Service or any portion of it you unconditionally accept these terms. if you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, you may not use the Service. Any offers and promotions made available by us from time to time may be subject to supplemental terms.

The Terms constitute an agreement between you and HMD Global Oy, Bertel Jungin aukio 9, 02600 Espoo, Finland (HMD Global), defining your and HMD Global’s rights and responsibilities with respect to the Service.

1. Definitions

1.1. In these Terms:

“Account” means the HMD Mobile account registered or activated by you that HMD Global uses to provide the Services to you and that records usage information relating to the Service;

“Add-On Services” means any one time additional service available for you to buy with a separate payment;

“Charges” means the charges applicable from time to time for the use of the Services. Up-to-date pricing is available at HMD mobile;

“Customer Service” means the department of HMD Global that you can contact for enquiries about the Services. Customer Service may be contacted via chat service on our website or through online form available from our website during off-hours;

“HMD Global” or “We” means HMD Global Oy with its registered address at Bertel Jungin aukio 9, 02600 Espoo, Finland;

“Material” means information or content that you may be able to submit to the Service;

"Mobile Device" means a cellular telephone or other device used by you to receive or use the Services;

“Network” means the telecommunications networks used by HMD to provide the Service(s) to you;

“Plan” means a certain prepaid Service allowance for use in connection with a SIM Card, as specified on our website;

“Privacy Policy” means the policy that describes how HMD Global collects and uses personal data. The current Privacy Policy is available at;

“Roaming Services” means mobile telephone services that you may use traveling outside the United Kingdom;

“Services” means the mobile telephone services that HMD provides to you, including voice calling, messaging, data services and voicemail;

“SIM Card” means a SIM card which is provided by HMD Global to be used for accessing the Service;

“Terms” means these HMD Mobile Service Terms together with Privacy Policy and all other additional terms and information that may be provided within the Service;

“You” or means any individual who registers or activates an Account with HMD Global.

2. Provision of Services

2.1. HMD Global provides the Services to you by using the Networks of one or more telecommunication operators. You will be entitled to the quality of Service generally provided by a competent mobile telecommunications service provider exercising reasonable skill and care. Due to maintenance, modifications, upgrades, emergencies, Network traffic or other conditions or circumstances beyond our control, the Service may be temporarily unavailable. The Service is also subject to Network coverage and is not available in all parts of the United Kingdom.

2.2. HMD Global will use commercially reasonable efforts to keep any disruptions to the Services to a minimum, however HMD Global will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or any inconvenience incurred by you as a result of any disruption to the Services for the reasons described above. However, HMD Global does not warrant or guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted or error free (in terms of Network availability, quality or coverage) in all locations at all times, or that the Services will be suitable for your specific requirements, or that the Services will be completely secure against unauthorised interception.

2.3. HMD Global reserves the right to limit access to certain elements of the Service due to age restrictions or vary the content and/or technical specification of Service from time to time.

2.4. Roaming Services are subject to the roaming agreements and service quality levels that have been agreed between other national and international telecommunications operators. HMD Global does not have control over these agreements or service quality levels.

2.5. All of our Services are subject to our Fair Usage Policy and acceptable use policy as set out in clause 3 of these Terms. HMD Global reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to our Services in the event that you breach our Fair Usage Policy or clause 3 of these Terms. You may only use our Roaming Services in the EU/EFTA countries for periodic travel, like holidays and short breaks and according to Fair Usage Policy.

2.6. You may use the Service to contact emergency services for free by calling 999 or 112.