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We help companies to connect their IoT devices through a secure, trusted and easy to use solutions.

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Trusted connectivity

At HMD, we take trust seriously. After all, the trust that businesses have in us to provide their operations with secure connectivity is vital to their success. That's why we have partnered with Nokia, providing the most reliable and advanced IoT network in the world. As a solution that has been developed for the future, including the benefits of 5G connectivity, Nokia Wing platform offers innovative and premium security features to bring the most reliable and lowest-latency network in the world. HMD Connect Pro works with up to tens of thousands of your organization's devices, keeping them connected with a SIM that always chooses the best network available.

HMD Connect Pro

Connect Pro – your business solution to trusted worldwide IoT connectivity

For a secure, IoT data-roaming connectivity service, check out HMD Connect Pro, our data SIM management solution that keeps IoT devices connected in over 180 countries and 600 mobile networks.


Smartphones you’ll love at prices you’ll love even more

As the manufacturer of Nokia phones, we at HMD Global are committed to the product quality and dependability for which the brand is known.

All Nokia Android One smartphones receive at least 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of Android software upgrades as standard, thus exceeding the update requirements of Android Enterprise Recommended program.

security patches

Gold-standard security regardless of budget

Android Enterprise Recommended Nokia device range goes beyond even the strict criteria set out by Google to make the gold-standard of security available regardless of budget. All Nokia smartphones and tablets in the Android Enterprise Recommended program receive at least two Android OS upgrades and three years of monthly security updates.

The security patches availability will depend on the device models and regions. For enterprises that wish to extend their company owned smartphone fleet lifecycle, we’re also able to provide a fourth year of quarterly security patches for selected Nokia phones as an additional Value Added Service, keeping them secure for even longer. Get in touch with us for availability information and for an offer.


The future of 5G is now

IoT and other emerging use cases require increased bandwidth, lower latencies and faster speeds that only 5G-ready infrastructures and services like HMD Connect Pro can offer.

The exponentially increasing number of smart devices that are all around us helping businesses to evolve means millions of new sensors will be deployed and interconnected, all requiring the bandwidth and low-latency solutions of 5G.

We know the demands on latency, data and security are crucial to businesses all around the world. That’s why we’ve built our network from the ground up to ensure we can meet the rigorous requirements to offer a flexible architecture, allowing businesses like yours to seamlessly upgrade to the benefits of 5G.

"Working with HMD Global we will provide a superior worldwide IoT network presence for a consistent level of customer support. The HMD Connnect Pro service will leverage an ever-growing connectivity ecosystem. Nokia WING provides a borderless connected world for IoT reducing complexity for enterprises and allowing them the highest level of control over their assets wherever they are"
Ankur Bhan Head of Network Function as a Service
HMD Enable Pro

Enable Pro – easy to use and efficient EMM solution for Android devices

For effective and easy-to-use Android Enterprise Mobility Management, we offer HMD Enable Pro, our very own EMM solution. With a broad Android Enterprise Recommended, Android One smartphone portfolio, you can choose the right Nokia smartphone for your employees and business.