Circular – redefining mobile phone ownership with true circularity and sustainability at its core

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Circular – redefining mobile phone ownership with true circularity and sustainability at its core

Introducing Circular, a new subscription service centered around sustainability and keeping your device out of landfill

  • The longer you keep your device, the more credits you’ll receive to use towards charitable efforts and a range of causes focusing on sustainability

  • Circular comes with peace of mind and flexibility, and launches with the latest Nokia phones and tablets

BERLIN, GERMANY, 1 September 2022 – HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces Circular – a revolutionary new subscription service offering a more sustainable and hassle-free way to use Nokia smartphones and tablets. We are incentivizing people to keep their phones for longer with a range of eco-friendly rewards. Circular minimises the negative impact phone ownership can have on the planet by keeping smartphones and tablets out of landfill. It gives devices a second life within our subscription model through recycling, refurbishing and re-subscribing or going to a charitable cause that needs it the most.

“The desire to create a way to enable people to keep their phones for longer is how Circular was born. Most people have a drawer full of old phones at home. This is something we hope to change by providing a way for people and businesses to get the most from Nokia devices while leaving the smallest possible footprint on the planet. To do that, and to be truly circular, we are taking full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our phones – not just making sure they last longer in the hands of our fans, which has always been a core part of our product design process, but also through manufacture, reuse and recycling.”
Florian Seiche, CEO, HMD Global
Better for the planet with true circularity

With over 10% of global e-waste attributed to smartphones, Circular helps tackle the problem by looking after end-of-lifecycle devices, so the responsibility to recycle is taken care of by HMD Global. If the device can be reused, it will be. Otherwise, the phone or tablet will be disposed of responsibly with all possible parts recycled and reused to manufacture new devices.

“Sustainability is important to customers when it comes to connected electronics devices. CCS Insight’s research shows that roughly half of consumers** in key European markets believe that creating products that last longer is helpful and positive for the environment. HMD continues to encourage consumers to keep their device for longer and with Circular, it also means devices stay out of landfill. Electronic waste is an issue the whole industry must address and services like Circular are a positive step towards creating change.”
Ben Wood, CCS Insight
Seeds of Tomorrow – eco-friendly rewards for holding on to your Nokia phone or tablet

To help our users keep their devices for even longer, Seeds of Tomorrow rewards Circular subscribers who do just that. The longer you keep a device, the more ‘seeds’ you acquire to put towards a range of causes focusing on sustainability and charitable efforts – planting trees, capturing carbon from the atmosphere, clearing plastic from rivers, or providing connectivity for those in need.

  • In partnership with Ecologi, seeds will fund responsibly planting trees or reducing carbon across the globe.

  • Seeds planted with ClearRivers will clear plastic waste out of rivers.

  • In partnership with the Unconnected, seeds are helping to provide connectivity to those most in need.

No strings attached and total control

With Circular, subscribers have freedom. When they eventually decide to return or replace their phone or tablet, they can do so at any time, after an initial three-month period. You will always be able to choose from the latest Nokia devices which includes our two brand-new, eco-friendly driven devices launched today:

  • Nokia X30, our most eco-friendly smartphone yet with no compromise on performance

  • Nokia G60, sustainably crafted with industry leading longevity promises

For businesses, Circular will provide the first truly sustainable subscription model for Android Enterprise Recommended phones, supporting customers’ green IT goals.

Peace of mind through a hassle-free subscription

Subscription devices will be quickly replaced in case of accidental damage, loss, or theft. Any product questions and troubleshooting are dealt with by the Circular team as well, providing a hassle-free experience.

Pricing and availability

Circular will first be available in the UK and Germany for Nokia G60 5G, Nokia XR20 and Nokia T10. Nokia X30 5G and Nokia T21 will be added to the list when they become available.

Stay tuned for local announcements about the roll out in other countries.

A unique Circular subscription will be available for business customers in Q4 2022

The monthly price for devices available on Circular as follows:

Nokia G60 5G (€339) - €15 p/m

Nokia X30 5G (€549) – €30 p/m

Nokia XR20 (€569) – €25 p/m

Nokia T10(€199) - €12 p/m

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