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Nokia phones account Supplement

Updated May 25, 2018

Nokia phones account provides you with an access to the online services and personal data associated with your profile and device. Your personal data is processed for the purposes of providing access and control to your data. In addition, it allows us to customize our offering and provide more relevant and meaningful communication with you.

You can create a Nokia phones account by using your email or accounts from Google or Facebook. Depending on the sign-up method, the following information is collected:

  • Name

  • Email and password

  • Phone number

  • Country

  • Date of registration

  • Unique ID assigned for your account

The account information is combined with other personal data that you have provided for us by using your Nokia phone and our services. The collected data includes, for example:

  • Order history from the Nokia phones online shop

  • Warranty and repair information

  • Communication with the customer service

  • Participation to Nokia Beta labs

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May 25, 2018