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Updated August 19, 2022

What is HMD Softlock?

HMD Softlock is a pre-installed solution that enables remote locking of a Nokia-branded mobile phone or tablet ("device").

What is HMD Softlock used for?

HMD Softlock is used under the following circumstances (one or more can apply):

1. Device financing

To finance your device purchases, third parties may offer a financing programme that allows you to purchase devices in instalment plans. HMD Softlock will check if the device is enrolled in a financing programme during the first use and after each factory reset. If the device is part of a financing programme, HMD Softlock functions according to the financing programme terms. For example, the device can be locked if the payments are overdue, or until the relevant payment has been made.

2. Network locking

The device might have been configured to work only with the SIM card of a specific network services provider. In case you insert a SIM card from a different network services provider, HMD Softlock will restrict services and features or lock the device. The device will resume normal operation once you insert the SIM card that is supposed to be used with the device.

3. Subscription programme

Devices rented/hired from HMD Global or third parties may come with HMD Softlock pre-installed and be remotely locked under the circumstances described on the applicable terms and conditions.

Which information is collected by HMD Softlock?

Information collected by Softlock includes, for example:

  • Phone identification number (IMEI)

  • Device model and software & hardware details

  • Product serial number (PSN)

  • IP address

  • Information about software crashes and errors

How is the information processed?

We process the information only to (i) enable HMD Softlock to work on the device and (ii) identify the device to be locked and unlocked.

Is the information shared with any third party?

The financing and network locking programmes are provided by third parties. Subscription may be offered by HMD Global Oy or third parties. By signing up to a financing, network locking or subscription programme, you agree to the terms and conditions of such programme and the applicable privacy policy. Please check the relevant terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully.

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August 19, 2022