Moving to HMD Mobile

  • When you are placing your order online, you are asked if you want to move your existing number to HMD Mobile. If you do, you can enter your PAC code and phone number in the form provided. When your HMD Mobile connection is active, we will notify you when your number will be moved to HMD Mobile from your existing operator. You can login to your HMD Mobile account to view the status at any time. If you don’t provide the information at the time of online order, you can still log in to HMD Mobile app and order from Switch My network option. You can track the status from there later on.

  • Usually, it takes one working day from the day the request is accepted, excluding weekends and national holidays. The number transfer – or “port-in” – can only be completed successfully if you are in UK on that day.

  • Text the message “PAC” to 65075 and you will receive a reply with a PAC code that is valid for 30 days. You can provide this PAC code to your new operator and they will handle the transfer of your number from HMD Mobile.