HMD EnablePro - FAQ

HMD Enable Pro FAQ


Find out what HMD Enable Pro services can do for your business.

What is HMD Enable Pro?

HMD Enable Pro is a global Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution for managing mobile devices, apps and security policies.

Who is the developer of HMD Enable Pro?

The solution is developed by HMD Global in Tampere, Finland.

What devices can you manage with HMD Enable Pro?

You can manage mobile devices based on Android™. A minimum version of Android 9 or later is required. As the EMM solution utilises Managed Google Play Store, the devices need to support Google services, i.e., they need to be GMS certified.

What Android Enterprise management profiles are supported by HMD Enable Pro?

All Android Enterprise management profiles are supported. This includes Work Profile mode, Fully Managed mode and Kiosk mode (dedicated device) are all supported.

What are the benefits of using an EMM solution?

Some of the benefits are include data security (GDPR compliance), increased productivity, reduced operational costs, enabled faster reporting, better collaboration and increased customer satisfaction.

Our company has never used an EMM before. What is the effort level and skills needed to deploy HMD Enable Pro?

HMD Enable Pro is built with a simple and easy to use management console that guides the admin to create needed management policies and how to deploy them. It is easy to learn and operate. No previous IT experience is required.

Does HMD Enable Pro provide a centralized management of multiple functionalities, including users, apps, and devices?

Yes, the solution can be used to create as many separate management policies as needed. The user can also enroll devices to the desired policies easily with either zero-touch enrolment or QR code.

Can you separate company and personal data on users' devices?

Yes, company and personal data can be separated using the Work profile mode. Android 11, which is already available for several Nokia smartphones, brings additional improvements to personal data privacy when Work Profile is used.

Do you support over-the-air commands such as remote wipe, remote lock, and applying a new policy?

Yes, remote wipe, remote lock, and applying a new policy are all supported.

Do you offer security-related features around device trust?

Yes. We are using the latest Android™ technology so that your device benefits from high level of security.

How does HMD Enable Pro differ from other EMM solutions?

HMD Enable Pro is designed and developed based on the latest Android innovation and Android Management API. It utilises the single Device Policy Controller app, which makes enrolment easy and effective. The management console is simple to use while offering the full set of Android Enterprise management profiles. Also, HMD Enable Pro runs in Google Cloud in Hamina, Finland.

How will a mobility management solution impact employees?

HMD Enable Pro ensures that all the needed apps and settings that a user, or IoT use case requires, are automatically available in the device, therefore ensuring that the device is easy to use for its designated tasks. If Work Profile is used, the employee is able to use both personal apps and company apps on the same device, therefore removing the need to have separate devices for work and personal use.

Is HMD Enable Pro part of the Android Enterprise Ecosystem?

HMD Enable Pro has been approved by Google and it can be found on Android Enterprise website

How hard will it be to integrate HMD Enable Pro into my infrastructure?

HMD Enable Pro is based on Android Enterprise API and it benefits from Managed Google Play infrastructure, making it possible to deploy both public and private apps and benefit from Google Play Protect.

How do you maintain or improve the user experience?

HMD Enable Pro is designed to be simple to operate and to deploy. For example, the management console guides the user through the process of deploying their chosen policies. The console also gives an overview of the deployed devices, so it’s easy to keep track of your smartphone fleet. We interact closely with our customers to understand how to further evolve the feature set, while maintaining the priority that the solution remains effective and easy to use.

How does HMD Enable Pro pricing work?

HMD Enable Pro uses subscription-based approach. Contact us for more information on our flexible pricing.

Can the admin see the software version of an enrolled device?

Yes, the software version can be seen by admins.

What enrolment methods are supported with HMD Enable Pro?

QR code and Zero-Touch enrolment are supported.

Can company apps be deployed with HMD Enable Pro?

Yes, company apps can be uploaded to the Managed Google Play store as private apps directly from the HMD Enable Pro management console.

Is the OEMConfig app supported by HMD Enable Pro?

The OEMConfig app is a device specific manufacturer app offering additional features. There is an OEMConfig app available for several Nokia smartphones models. The additional management capabilities that OEMConfig app allows can be configured through the management console, and the deployed to the devices. Please check with your device manufacturer to find out whether there is an OEMConfig app available for their devices.

Is the “postpone update” feature supported by HMD Enable Pro?

Yes, software updates can be postponed by a maximum 30 days based on native Android Enterprise capabilities. In addition, a range of Nokia smartphones in combination with Nokia OEMConfig app allows further postponement of software updates; for example if a company needs more time for testing or due to a holiday period.

Will the Google account also be removed when wiping the device remotely?

Yes, it will be removed and the device will return to its factory reset state.

Can an application be set up and preloaded in such a way that it cannot be uninstalled?

Yes, this can be configured via HMD Enable Pro as part the policy.

What level of technical support is available for HMD Enable Pro?

We have a tiered support structure based on 3 levels. As HMD Global operates across 100 markets globally, local support is always near.

Would Android (Go Edition) devices work with HMD Enable Pro?

Android Go devices are designed to give a great end-user experience with affordable hardware. Android (Go Edition) devices are expected to work in Fully Managed and Kiosk modes – however, this may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Please confirm device-specific support from the device manufacturer.

Can I get HMD Enable Pro bundled with a device coming from HMD Global?

While HMD Enable Pro works across any Android 9 or newer GMS device, it has been specifically designed with those customers in mind who prefer to have their devices and EMM from same manufacturer. Contact us and we can guide you forward with best solution for your needs.

How scalable is the HMD Enable Pro Solution?

HMD Enable Pro runs on Google Cloud in Hamina, Finland, and there is no limit to how many licenses can be purchased or used at the same time.

Does Zero-Touch enrolment work with HMD Enable Pro?

Yes, Zero-Touch enrolment can be used with HMD Enable Pro.

How long it would take me to learn how to use HMD Enable Pro?

We have clear and straightforward training materials and videos that demonstrate and explain how the solutions works. Our estimate is that within 10 minutes you would be comfortable enough with the solution to deploy your first devices.

In which countries is HMD Enable Pro available?

HMD Global plans to offer HMD Enable Pro globally in all markets where Android Enterprise is available, with the exception of markets in which it is mandated that local cloud servers must be used for user data, and markets that are under embargo.

I’m a reseller who is interested in partnering with HMD Global to resell HMD Enable Pro. How should I get in touch?

We are happy to discuss reselling opportunities. Please contact us via our website, or send us an email at