Why Partner with HMD

We at HMD Global are committed to our partners; your success is our success. We provide resellers, OEMs and system integrators with instant access to sales and training resources along with high-impact marketing assets. Our goal is to make our partners as knowledgeable and expert with HMD Enable as we are, helping you build your business and increase your margins while keeping your customers satisfied and secure.


At HMD, we’re committed to our partners; your success is our success.

Customer voice:

“We were offered the opportunity to trial HMD Enable Pro before choosing, and the benefits were plain to see. It gives us so much control over the devices which limits our risk and reduces the need for maintenance. And we are able to do all this remotely. Using Kiosk mode is perfect for us.”

Jaakko Salminen, Founder & CEO, Luokkahenki Oy

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What are the benefits for your business


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Customer voice

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