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We succeed together with our partners

Why Partner with HMD

Why Partner with HMD

We at HMD Global are committed to our partners; your success is our success. We provide resellers, OEMs and system integrators with instant access to sales and training resources along with high-impact marketing assets. Our goal is to make our partners as knowledgeable and expert with HMD Enable as we are, helping you build your business and increase your margins while keeping your customers satisfied and secure.


Tailored for your industry

Providing worldwide services at a local level

We're a global company with a local presence. This means we can provide services and support where you need it most, backed by our strong industry expertise.

European values, with strong roots in EU & Finland

Reliable quality and steadfast security - these are at the core of everything we offer. And because the Google Cloud servers we use for HMD Enable Pro are based here in Finland, we are GDPR compliant.

Focus on trust, privacy & security

As the manufacturer of Nokia phones, we keep them secure with monthly security updates and ongoing Android software upgrades. In fact, Nokia phones lead in receiving the fastest security updates. Naturally, our security-first approach extends to our services, too.

Key strategic partners and investors

HMD Global maintains strong ties with some of the most notable players in the industry including Google, Nokia and Qualcomm. These strategic partnership help ensure the reliability of our enterprise offering.

“We were offered the opportunity to trial HMD Enable Pro before choosing, and the benefits were plain to see. It gives us so much control over the devices which limits our risk and reduces the need for maintenance. And we are able to do all this remotely. Using Kiosk mode is perfect for us."
Jaakko Salminen, Founder & CEO, Luokkahenki Oy

What are the benefits for your business

Secure & enterprise ready

  • HMD Global has existing business in over a hundred countries worldwide. Advice and support for HMD Enable Pro is always close at hand.

  • HMD Global can offer a broad range of Nokia smartphones and other value-adding services, making it easy for you to build the right solution for your customers.

  • We are an expert yet lean organisation, so your requests will be quickly heard and we can respond in kind.


Who should partner with HMD Global


We don't just equip resellers with our product or service - we offer all the knowledge you need to support your customers. Our EMM and IoT solutions are designed to be powerful, reliable and simple to learn and use - but as a reseller, you'll get hands-on training and any insights we can offer. You'll understand the service inside and out. That way, we succeed together.


As a mobile operator, no-one understands your customers mobile connectivity needs quite like you do. And because of our deep industry knowledge and proven expertise in manufacturing some of the world's most trusted mobile devices, we at HMD Global are in a unique position to be able to offer complete and seamless solutions. Together, we have your enterprise customers' needs fully covered.

IT solution providers

As the adoption of IoT devices continues to grow in all kinds of sectors, it's becoming more important than ever to manage those devices properly, ensure their security and, of course, keep them online. What is needed, in short, is reliability combined with simplicity. That's why we developed HMD Connect Pro, the loT and M2M SIM management solution that keeps your devices online and secure while keeping you in control. With its simple management console and worldwide coverage, IT solution providers will find HMD Connect Pro a valuable addition to their offering.

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