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HMD Enable Pro Privacy Supplement

Effective March 15, 2021

HMD Enable Pro is HMD Global's (“HMD”) Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution consisting of an application (HMD Enable Pro Companion app) and a console for enterprise customers to manage their devices.

Enterprise customer acts as a data controller for the data associated with both the console user and the users of the devices. This data is processed to identify and locate the device using the HMD Enable Pro Companion app and authenticate the user of the device. HMD processes this data on behalf of the enterprise customer as a data processor. The data that may identify the console user or the end user of the device, includes:

  • Automatically generated data, such as device ID and information related to the enrollment and creation events

  • Data set by IT admin, such as device display name and description for the device

  • The device user’s name, contact details, user role, employer (the data controller) and other data, such as last login.

Additionally, if HMD Enable Pro Companion app is enabled, the following data is processed:

  • Technical details of the device and enrollment events and location data (GPS) of the device. The solution uses background location data to allow tracking of the devices in case of theft or loss of the device. The location tracking feature is only made available for mobile devices that are used exclusively for business purposes.

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