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Nokia mobile Tribe Supplement

Effective May 24, 2019

Nokia mobile Tribe is HMD’s voluntary program for both phone users and persons who work for HMD or who promote, market, distribute or sells Nokia branded mobile devices and accessories. The program is used for information sharing and training purposes (learning program), as well as in selected markets for running an incentive program for the phone retailers (incentive program) and for the field force management program. You can use the program via the Nokia mobile Tribe application on your phone. This app provides you access to the Nokia mobile Tribe learning, field force and incentive programs and any other events and activities which may be offered under Nokia mobile Tribe. The purpose of Nokia mobile Tribe is to enable better information sharing and communication, creating stronger sales based on performance and to act as an engagement tool for salespeople.

Your personal data is processed, for example, for the following purposes:

  • Improvement of HMD’s services, including help desk improvements, research, marketing, product development and planning, marketing of products

  • Operations and development of the Nokia mobile Tribe application, including enabling the joining and using of the application and for mapping user activities

  • Connection of reported sales with right salespeople and identification of correct distributor and retailer for facilitation of stocking property

  • Compliance with legal obligations based on mandatory law

  • Fraud prevention purposes

  • Payment processing

The collected information includes, for example:

  • First name and last name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Country of residence

  • Activity submissions such as photo card and video card submission

  • IP address

  • Date of birth (optional)

  • Address with city and zip code (optional)

  • User’s profile photo (optional)

We can share the collected personal data with a third-party app developer to help them improving the application and the Nokia mobile Tribe program. In connection with the incentive program, we also share your internal ID and e-mail ID with payment vendors to enable them to perform the payments. You can opt out from the Nokia mobile Tribe program by deleting your profile from the application on your phone.

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May 24, 2019