HMD Mobile: the SIM plan you control

The no-strings-attached SIM subscription service is on its way. No catches, no surprises – just reliable coverage and affordable phone plans that will keep you in the driver’s seat.

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Get hooked up, not tied down

HMD Mobile will combine the freedom of prepaid with the assurance of postpaid. It will keep you in control but will always have you covered. What’s more, HMD Mobile will offer fast connection speeds that won’t cost the earth.

Why HMD Mobile?

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No-strings subscription

Getting started with HMD Mobile will be simple: first, you’ll choose the subscription plan that’s best for you. Then, just like your favorite TV or music on-demand service, it will automatically renew monthly and you will be able to cancel it at any time. If you find yourself using less mobile data or needing more, you will be able to switch to a different plan that will take effect at the start of the following month. It’s that easy.

How it works

Did you know?

Around two-thirds of UK residents end up paying for more mobile data than they actually use¹. HMD Mobile offers a range of plans, so you can choose and pay for what you’re most likely to use. Plus, you can always choose a different plan for the next monthly cycle.

67% of UK residents use less mobile data than they pay for¹


Network coverage that won't let you down

HMD Mobile has partnered with a UK network provider that offers network speeds up to 2× faster than other providers². When it’s time to travel, your HMD Mobile SIM card will also work in most parts of Europe with no extra setup needed. And because we’re 5G-ready, your SIM card will have access to 5G speeds in the future³.

Excellent coverage at home and abroad

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Want to know when HMD Mobile is available?

¹ According to research by
² "EE has the fastest overall median download speeds in the UK":
³ Access to 5G requires a 5G-compatibile device.